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ECIM (European Cloud Marketplace for Intelligent Mobility) is a scalable cloud-based solution for public and private sector actors who seek innovative web services to address mobility related needs of their cities. ECIM brings together leading experts from across Europe, including state-of-the art technology innovators (Intrasoft, Relational), mobility service and parking providers (PayByPhone, Mobile-for, BePark), transport operators (CEN Group), Living Lab and open innovation practitioners (ENoLL, iMinds, ESADE), security and identity experts (EJ Consultants), IT agency for public services (CIRB), PR and marketing experts (Issy Media, 21c) and project managers (IS Practice).

ECIM marketplace caters for different stakeholder groups who in turn benefit differently from the platform.

Mobility service providers can enter new markets and expand their customer base while at the same time gaining more exposure and visibility. 

Providers of non-transport services (e.g. payment) can connect to multiple other providers and their data without much development effort. 

Developers and start-ups gain easy access to different mobility related services through common APIs.

Cities gain valuable insights from the information aggregated on the platform and become an integral part of the ecosystem in which interaction with diverse actors helps spur and improve citizen-centric mobility services.

Projects keen to experiment with new solutions like MaaS (Mobility as a Service) can take advantage of ECIM platform to offer integrated mobility packages featuring parking, payment and other related services.

Advertisers can use ECIM to offer more targeted, location-based advertising.