Enhance your application with the services of established mobility providers using ECIM common APIs.

Need more data for your application? ECIM marketplace boasts a large number of transport and traffic related datasets that can help you build a killer app for any city!

So, you've created an API but not sure how to share it with the world? Don't worry, ECIM can help. Just publish your API on our marketplace and see how quickly it proves popular.

Using our APIs you can also find out about parking availability and pay for and extend the parking session

the Marketplace

ECIM platform is a place where developers can meet transport, payment and data providers and start co-creating mobility services for citizens


Developers have access to common APIs of different mobility related services


Service providers can use ECIM as a distribution channel as well as to enter new markets and expand their user base

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Our partners

We partner with some of the most renowned technology and mobility companies in Europe and the list is growing




All data, services, events and points of interest are displayed on ECIM Marketplace and can be viewed without registration. However, you need to create an account to view details and get access to the available data and services, or to be able to share your own. You will also need to accept our Terms & Conditions to complete registration.



To get started, create an account on the login page . Once you register, you will be given ECIM developer ID which you can use to call different methods of service. Advice on how to make calls to our APIs is provided on the Documentation page.
Service Providers


ECIM platform is compliant only with RESTful web service architecture. Before publishing your services please make sure that all body parameters are in JSON format. Click here to log in or sign up.